About Bérénice Staiger drawings

Atelier Bérénice Staiger is run by visual artist Bérénice Staiger, German born and now based in Rotterdam. Bérénice organises educational workshops and activities for children and adults, she she loves nature and she is a beekeeper
She has a sharp sight and loves to observe everything around her. Inspiration for her drawings she takes from daily live. Her latest drawings can be read as a way of peaking into her live and view the world through her eyes.

In her practice she concentrates on drawing. For her the process of the making is very significant for her art practice. Looking at her drawings one can reconstruct how a drawing was made. The viewer can discover what the relation is between the process of the making and the finished artwork. In a drawing one can see the connection between thinking and making. Staiger confronts the beholder with a exciting search to define what one sees. She wants the audience to be conscious of its own way of looking and its own way of giving meaning to an artwork.
Bérénice Staiger believes in an active role of the spectator. Looking is a creative activity. For Bérénice the mystery of not knowing is a driving force to actually give meaning to an artwork.