Conversas # 95 at Gemaal op Zuid, Rotterdam 31st of May 2017 7-9 pm
South Explorer Saturday 20st and Sunday 21st of May at Project Space Attent, Struitenweg 54, R’dam
The theme of the exhibition will be Anthology. This term is normally used for a collection of writings of
certain category or a certain group. Stichting ‘t O-tje will be presenting a selection of artworks not bigger than A6 made by residents of ‘t O-tje.

KIOSK all u niek, Mijnsherenlaan 2, Rotterdam 10th of June-22nd of June
KIOSK all u niek is a pop-up store where you buy ideas, services and products. An example of the service KIOSK all u niek offers is the writing of a picture postcard to someone. The customer choses a card and the aim, KIOSK all u niek writes a text and sends the card. Locals are invited to drop by for a consultation and to get ideas. For example how you can change your neighbourhood to make it more pleasant to live in. KIOSK all u niek invites everyone to come in. Upon entering the kiosk you can see many things, a lot is happening. All goods are displayed in the shop window and there are many new things to be discovered in the kiosk. When you enter you may opt for an idea, a product, a service or all three: it is a shopping experience on many levels and a meeting place with room for exchange. KIOSK all u niek is also an information point for Charlois Speciaal. KIOSK all u niek is a project of artists and designers: Susana Pedrosa, Jullie Müller en Bérénice Staiger.

Charlois Speciaal, at garden of stichting ‘t O-tje/ projectspace Attent for project Stories From Your City
Foodproject initiated by Bérénice Staiger. She invites people from her direct surrounding to prepare their favorite childhood recipe and bring it to this food event to share the dish and also the story which goes with the dish.e
OPEN STUDIOS BORGERSTRAAT, 13th and 14th of Februari 2016
This fall, Gallery Hommes invites Rotterdam-based artist community ‘t Otje to be its guest. All of the artists at ‘t Otje have their roots somewhere else. This causes balancing acts between fatherland, mother tongue, and the other, the new. A flux of different landscapes, faces and languages shows the artist’s struggle between estrangement and engagement. Curated by Bérénice Staiger. Text by Philosopher Clara Bolle.
Aanzegn_met_graafmachine_webGemeente Haaksbergen
Together with Jacomijn Schellevis and Segno d’arte we made three sculptures for the community of Haaksbergen. The artworks are located at the corner Alsteedseweg with Broekheurnerweg, Morssinkhofweg were the hikingpath ‘t Ommetje starts and at Beckummerweg opposite at housenumber 53 and close to number 38.
The inspiration for the three scultures are taken from the landscape and conversations the artist had with people from Haaksbergen about the ‘noaberschop’ a tradition of neighbourhood which is alive until today.
aanzegn_in-de-lucht_webKunstenlab Deventer
‘We Are The Landscape’ is an exhibition about the historical canonproject. 15 artworks depict the history of Overijssel. From the 12th of March until the 26th of April 2015. You are invited for the Private View on Thursday 9th of April 2015.
During the Private View a publication will be released. Participating artist are: Martijn Schoots, Guido Geelen, Space Cowboys, Rob Sweere, Linda Nieuwstad, Alphons ter Avest, Anne-Marie van Sprang, Ben Raaijman, Paul de Kort, Theo van Delft, Adreas hetfeld, Hellen Abma, Matthijs Bosman, Bérénice Staiger en Jacomijn Schellevis.


Stichting Stokroos supports Bérénice Staiger


WCA-Reunion at Galeria Metamorfose, Porto, Portugal 8-nov 2014-10-jan 2015

Tekenkabinet-gum2014 Tekenkabinet
The second edition of the tekenkabinet is taking place between 11th of October and 2nd of November 2014, 12.00-5.00 pm. at Bornhout 8/ Unit 32, 1046BE Amsterdam/ Westpoort.

2013_Berenice_Staiger_From the series warriors_waldman_40cm x 30cm_webTekenkabinet
The second edition of the tekenkabinet is taking place between 20 – 31 Augustus 2014, 12.00 – 5.00 pm
The full colour catalogus is available in the museum and via the website. All drawings are for sale via the website of the Tekenkabinet. Museum Waterland, Kaasmarkt 16, 1441 BG Purmerend

newsletter_Perron_Delden_webPerron 1
Toen, Toener, Toenst Hinterland | Achterland, Stationsweg 1, Delden. 15th of August to the 4th of October 2014. You are warmly invited to the finissage on the 4th of October at 4 p.m.

intime-overtime-flyer-rgb-2Neo:gallery 22
In Time, Over Time, groepsexhibition in Bolton, Manchester, UK. Thursday- Sunday 11 am- 5 p.m

Basementshow_webCharlois Kunstweekend
From Below Basement exhibition Saturday and Sunday 3oth of May and 1st of June 2014.

Grenswerte welt Ausstellung_WebsiteGrensWerteWoldExhibition
Kloster Bentlage in Rheine, Germany
You are warmly invited tot the Private View on Friday 21st of March 4-22 p.m.
Exhibition 22nd of March until 13th of April 2014. Every weekend there are several activities at the Kloster Bentlage.

website_FAK_Hinterland | Achterland
FAK, Förderverein für Aktuelle Kunst, Münster, Germany
You are very welcome to the Private View on Friday 10th of January 2014 7 – 11 pm.
Exhibition will last until Sunday 26th of January 2014, 4-7 pm. Finissage Satruday 25th of January 7-11pm.

THISISIT!_uitnodiging-webTHIS IS IT!
You are cordially invited to the presentation of 8 artist their artworks and 8 video portraits upcomin Thursday the 12th of December 2013 at 5 pm is the Private View. Be there to pick up your free copy of the publication.

Dynamo_uitnodiging_web_Hinterland | Achterland
At Dynamo Expo in Enschede the Netherlands. 4th of November until 22nd of November 2013
You are cordially invited to the Private View on Sunday 3rd of November at 4 p.m.
On Saturday 22nd the Artist Berenice Staiger and Jacomijn Schellevis are present and tell about their project.

Grenswerte_HL_AL_webHinterland | Achterland
Cooperation with Jacomijn Schellevis supported by Grenswerte.

Together we explore an area around the German and Dutch border (close to Enschede and Münster) in search of personal stories about disapearing and changes in traditions, rituals and seasonal festive happenings. These personal stories we transform into largescale drawings.
The drawings will be exhibited at Tetem kunstruimte and Dynamo Expo both are hostorical buildings one is a former texile factory and the other an electricity storage.
The Private View will be held on November 3rd 2013 2.30 pm and 4 pm. You are cordially invited to join us for the PV.

website_achter de ramen Achter de Ramen
1 st of July – 30th of August 2013 Drawing exhibition at
achter de ramen, Feike de Boerlaan, Amsterdam. Finissage with Prosecco and Homemade Elderflowersirop on Friday 30st of August from 5 – 7 pm

crabbehof oproepMy Family Travels With Me
26th of Mai 2013 Final Presentation of Artist in Residence at Wijktheater Crabbehof, Dordrecht 2-5pm

anonymezeichner Anonymous Drawings
24th of Mai Private View of Anonymous Drawings in Temporary Art Centre (TAC),  Eindhoven from 5 pm onwards.

uitnodiging_stal_webProjectgroup Artless invites for an exhibition on a farm
20th of April Private View in Monnickendam with Projectgroup Artless 2-7 pm

news_website Galerie Sanaa, Post Rotterdam: SEE, LIKE, BUY
13th of April Finissage for the exhibition Post Rotterdam at Galerie Sanaa Utrecht 4 -6 pm

anonyme-Zeichner-Berlin_web Anonymous Drawings
23rd of March Private View for the exhibition Anonymous Drawings at Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin from 7 pm

6th of Februari – 9th of Februari 2013 11 am – 9 pm, Sunday until 6 pm
My presentation with the title MASKS is on floor 9, room 9.33