Outbuiling/s (bijgebouw/en)

Outbuiling/s (bijgebouw/en)

During Charlois Kapitaal three artists, Wilma Kun, Bérénice Staiger
and Kathrin Wolkowicz will share an event- and exhibition space,
preferably an apartment, an intimate and familiar setting that is
inviting, playful and private and public at the same time.

A space that allows to present art works and at the same time to
promote gathering and the exchanges of ideas. The three artists will
present their own work and invite other artists, people living in
Charlois and abroad, people specialized in something, to meet, share
food and talk about topics the three artists will prepare for the
gathered group.

The audience can participate by chance or on invitation, in a set up
that is open and sometimes semi-open, because we do not believe in
random openness but rather want to infuse the setting with some ideas,
people and practices (as a form of curating).


BERENICE STAIGER has been active for foundation ’t O-the, an
inhabitants´ initiative, and organises events and exhibitions in the
shared projectspace “Attent”. She also develops and teaches creative
classes to children and is part of the public discussion group
“Conversas Rotterdam” that stimulates a discourse about creative work
and is working on an inclusivity by connecting artist and nonartist.

WILMA KUN has put together the show “Secret Garden” as part of the
last edition of Charlois Speciaal in 2018 in an abandoned house in the
Wielewaal and regularly hosts collaborative gatherings in her own
house at the Wielewaal. She also runs a bookshop with a coffee corner
and cultural activities, called Huis der Zotheid, in the center of
Rotterdam, with the intention to create a space to connect different
audiences. Wilma also co-organizes the Rotterdam youth festival and is
part of the press team and co-organizer of the Open studios
Borgerstraat, an artist collective in Spangen.

KATHRIN WOLKOWICZ has co-curated the nomadic exhibition space Sils
as well as Suburban Video Lounge (Rdam Centre) and is part of the
Wolphaertstraat1555 collective who develops together with Woonstad
Rotterdam the dwellings of the former NAC artist accommodations and
project spaces. As part of the Borgerstraat Collective in Spangen she
co-organized the guest artists´ exhibitions and worked for the
publication team. From 2017 on she is conducting a collaborative
project with the inhabitants of the Rabot area in Gent.